Cory Perry

Windgate Fellowship


Statement: The purpose of my work is to disrupt and destabilize the hegemonic western gaze (perception) of different facets of Black culture and experiences. Through my research of African/African Diasporic spirituality, Pan-Africanism, sexuality, and Afrofuturism I’m able to conceptualize objects and paintings that show alternate timelines of history. Fellowship Plans: I plan to investigate how non-Western crafting traditions in Ghana have influenced crafting cultures in Haiti and New Orleans, gathering and creating my own materials to build a body of work reflecting my research in context to my Identity. I plan to attend crafting workshops on residential compounds throughout the Central and Eastern regions of Ghana. From Ghana, I plan to travel to Haiti and New Orleans, LA for two weeks to gain a deeper perspective of how their culture thinks about craft and how these traditions connect with traditions in Ghana.



University of Arkansas School of Art


Fiber / Textiles / Sculpture

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