Jill Childress

Windgate Fellowship


Statement: As an artist, I have an appreciation for the working properties of both dough and clay. In my current body of work, I choose to aestheticize the marriage of two historically associated materials. I create collections of rigid molds, fragile cage-like structures, and streamlined hand tools designed to specifically reveal evidence of the baking process. Fellowship Plans: I am proposing to use this fellowship to travel abroad in Italy, conducting research for a new body of work. I will use this trip to broaden my knowledge of Italian bread culture and innovative design by visiting bakeries, universities, and artist studios. I plan to enroll in a weeklong intensive bread course and five-day ceramics workshop in Denmark. Post travel, I will move to Asheville, NC to focus on creating a profitable momentum as an artist. The remainder of the award will go towards establishing a studio.



East Tennessee State University



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