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Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship

Awards of $20,000 to advance, expand, and support the creation of new research and knowledge through craft practice.

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The Craft Research Fund—Artist Fellowship is one of four categories that make up the Craft Research Fund, a visionary program dedicated to supporting scholarly craft research in United States. Awards of $20,000 will be granted to two artists to support research projects that advance, expand, and support the creation of new research and knowledge through craft practice.

Grant goals


To support new research and knowledge through craft practice


To create new models for craft research


To make research in craft accessible within and outside of the Academy


To support the careers of craft artists that may be relatively unknown


To assist "mid-career" artists in undertaking a specific proposal/project that would otherwise not be possible


2021 Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship

The Craft Research Fund was created to encourage, expand and support scholarly craft research in the United States. To learn more about the creation and development of this program read the press release here.


  • Applications Open:
  • Jun 2020
  • Grant Orientation:
  • Aug 18, noon (EST)
  • Deadline:
  • Oct 1, 2020
  • Notification:
  • Dec 2020
  • Fellowship Period Begins:
  • Jan 2021
  • Fellowship Period Ends:
  • June 2022
  • Exhibition Period:
  • Jun–Aug 2022
  • Symposium Presentation:
  • July 2022
  • Final Report:
  • Aug 2022

2021 Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship Grant - Eligibility

Proposals are welcome from mid-career artists, artisans, designers, makers, sculptures, and so on, who identify their practice within the field of craft. The Center, and by extension this grant, recognizes craft to be a particular approach to making with a strong connection to materials, skill, and process. We believe in empowering artists, makers, scholars, and curators to grow the field, embracing new definitions, technologies, and ideas while honoring craft's history and relationship to the handmade. Craft, in all its forms, demonstrates creativity, ingenuity, and practical intelligence. It contributes to the economic and social wellbeing of communities, connects us to our cultural histories, and is integral to building a sustainable future.

Applicants must be:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Eligible to receive taxable income in the U.S.
  • Residing and working in the U.S. for the last two years and for the duration of the Fellowship period
  • Mid-career: Artist must self-identify as mid-career

Applicants cannot be:

  • An institution or small business
  • A full-time student in a degree-granting program or its equivalent
  • Students at the time of applying, even if graduation is pending the same year
  • Disqualified persons, such as substantial contributors to the Center for Craft as well as current employees, consultants, or board members of the Center for Craft, or immediate family members of such a person
  • A previously awarded Craft Research Fund - Artist Fellow

For the purpose of this grant, the Center for Craft understands craft research to be:

  • A method of working in an established craft practice used in relation to a proposed project that will contribute to new knowledge.
  • A systematic investigation to establish facts, test theories, and reach new knowledge or new understanding.
  • A combination of qualitative and quantitative research that underscores a specific craft practice.
  • Thinking in, through, and with craft in a way that expands the field.
  • The work (material development, process, subject, information, experiences) that goes into creating a new work of art.

Examples of craft research might include:

  • Archive and museum-based research
  • Material innovations, experimentation
  • Process-oriented research/innovation
  • Historical research
  • Collaborations among artists and/or other disciplines and/or institutions
  • Projects that have the potential to transform questions that are being asked in an academic context

For the purpose of this grant, the Center for Craft requires that all grant recipients provide financial renumeration to working artists for their time, labor, and services rendered towards the awarded project scope and goals. For renumeration estimates, we recommend consulting the floor wages listed on the Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) fee calculator website at

The Center for Craft prohibits discrimination, harassment and retaliation based on sex, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability or perceived disability, age, marital status, gender identity, veteran status, or any other protected category. The Center encourages applications from historically under-represented populations. Submitting an application does not constitute a promise or guarantee of being awarded a grant or fellowship

2021 Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship Grant – Requirements

  • Fifty percent of the grant will be awarded upon return of a signed contract (January 1, 2021).
  • Thirty percent of the grant will be awarded upon the receipt of a two-page status report and proposal for a body of work to be exhibited Summer 2022 to include title and 250 word description and 3-5 marketing images  (January 1, 2022).
  • Installation and exhibition of a body of work produced during the Fellowship in the Center for Craft’s gallery Summer 2022.
  • Presentation of research at Center for Craft symposium Summer 2022.
  • The final twenty percent will be awarded upon receipt of a final report to include a project narrative and two copies of any publication produced as a result of the research grant. Project must be completed in 18 months (June 2022), with a final report deadline of August 31, 2022. If there is no publication, then provide a copy of the completed research in full.
  • Recipients will acknowledge support from “Center for Craft Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship” in any publications or presentations resulting from the grant, to include the Center for Craft’s logo.
  • This application requires a $15 fee to be paid through SlideRoom. We are able to waive a limited number of fees per grant. If you would like your fee to be waived, please email with the message, “I would like my fee for the Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship to be waived” by September 1, 2020. No further information is required. To waive your fee, you must first create your SlideRoom portal and access the application through SlideRoom before making the request to waive the fee. Application fees cannot be waived after applications are submitted.  

2021 Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship Grant - Review Process

A panel of reviewers, who are recognized craft artists, scholars, and/or curators, free of any conflict of interest, will evaluate the applications based on the following criteria and a final two Fellows will be selected:

  • Artistic merit and/or originality
  • Feasibility, i.e. applicant contains the experience and ability to carry out proposed research project
  • Timely - both in the sense of: Are the questions asked by the applicant timely? Is this grant timely in the artists career trajectory/ is this the right time for them to receive this grant?
  • Representation and/or visibility - priority will be given to artists who are underrepresented in the field.
  • Demonstrates a new and/or significant contribution to the field of craft
  • The research is  consistent with and furthers the mission of the Center for Craft.

Considerations in final pairing selection:

  • The Center for Craft respects, values, and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. We foster open communication of diverse perspectives and bring a broad range of individuals together to enrich and support programming. Ultimately we will ask the jury to compose a pair of recipients deserving of further recognition while prioritizing diversity, both in and outside of academia, and representing a range of geographies, materials, and communities served.

2021 Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship Grant - How to Apply

DEADLINE: The application for Craft Research Fund - Artist Fellowship must be submitted via SlideRoom no later than 11:59pm on October 1, 2020. Notification of awards will be released December 2020 for projects beginning January 2021. Work outlined in the grant request must be completed within 18 months of the award.

NOTIFICATION: Notification of the results will be sent via email in December 2020 for a start date of January 1, 2021. The e-mail address listed on the application form will be used to send out notifications. Please be sure that it is a valid account that you check regularly.

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants must apply using the online application program SlideRoom at

Please review the sample application below before beginning your application.

Please note there is a separate application for each Craft Research Fund category.

All applicants should create a login to be able to partially complete the form and return to finish it at a later date. Before submitting your application, you will be directed to a confirmation page where you will be able to review your form and return to edit or delete your uploaded files as needed. Once you submit your application, you will not be able to access your form again. Applicants will receive a confirmation email once the application form has been successfully submitted.

2021 Craft Research Fund – Artist Fellowship SAMPLE APPLICATION

This is only a sample application, all applications must be completed in SlideRoom.

Proposal to be submitted via SlideRoom as follows:

Cover sheet

  1. Applicant name(s)
  2. Your title and organization (if applicable)
  3. Your personal or project specific website
  4. Are you over the age of 21? (yes or no)
  5. Have you lived in the United States for at least two years? (yes or no)
  6. Are you able to receive income in the UnitedStates or U.S. territories that is taxable by the United States or U.S.territories for the duration of the project period? (yes or no)
  7. Project Title (up to 15 words/ 85 character limit)
  8. Summary of research proposal (50 words/ 300 character limit)


  1. Artist statement (up to 500 words/ 3,000 character limit)
  2. Summary of research proposal, including project deliverables (up to three pages/ 10,000 character limit)
  3. How will this research advance your artistic practice? Why is now an optimal time in your career to receive this award? (250 words/ 1,500 character limit)
  4. How do you define research in the context of your practice? What questions will you address through your research? (250 words/ 1,500 character limit) *Please see the "Eligibility" tab on the grant website for a definition of research.
  5. What three communities do you hope your project will impact? (250 words/ 1,500 character limit)
  6. Timeline and schedule for completing the project. Projects must be completed by June 30, 2022 (18 months from start date). 6,000 character limit
  7. Completed budget Expense form, provided in SlideRoom. Examples for expenses: Support Stipends/Honoraria;Travel/Expenses (include lodging and meals- itemized by location); ContractedServices (such as photography); Materials/Equipment. Please list no more than 50 items.
  8. Completed budget Income form, provided in SlideRoom. Please list the total amount requested from the Craft Research Fund here ($20,000). If you have additional sources of secured or anticipated (prospected) income, please list them here. Examples for income:other grants secured/prospected; support from institutions (school or university support); in-kind support (for example: percentages of salaries or hourly rates for time commitments). Please list no more than 50 items.
  9. Please provide a budget narrative for any budget items that require further explanation. (6,000 character limit)
  10. Attachment: CV of relevant education and experience (no more than 4 pages).
  11. Please provide two letters of support. References should be requested through your application in SlideRoom and are due at the same time as the application, October 1 (11:59pm EST), 2020.
  12. 10 to 15 work samples. You have the option of uploading any combination of images or video links (from hosting sites such as Vimeo or YouTube.) During the review process only the first 2 minutes of each video sample so please edit your materials accordingly. Images should be in JPEG format no larger than 1000 pixels on any side @ 72 dpi. Name each jpeg file with “Collaborator’s Last NameImageTitleNumber.jpg,” i.e. “SmithUntitled1.jpg”, “SmithUnititled2.jpg” etc. Each uploaded image or video link must be accompanied by a corresponding image description (up to 50 words). Please include title, date, medium, size, and a short description for each.

2021 Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship Grant - FAQ

Can collectives apply?

We understand that there are many collaborative partnerships in the art world and we encourage you to apply as long as all members of the collective meet the requirements of the application. You can find specific instructions on how to navigate our application as a collective in the application itself. Collectives must demonstrate an extensive collaborative practice.

Where can I find information about previous recipients of the Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship?

Check out our online Grant Recipient Archive here. You can sort by grant opportunity by clicking on “Grant” or search “Artist Fellowship” in the search Filter.

Does the Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship support ongoing projects?

The purpose of the Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship is to support new research projects. Past research in similar subject areas or methodology can bolster and strengthen an application, but is not required for new research project proposals.

If I don’t win the award, can I apply again next year?

Yes, as long as you still meet the requirements for application.

If I win, will I have to pay taxes on my award?

Yes, all cash prizes are taxable income.

May I mail a hard copy of my application materials to the Center for Craft’s office?

No, hard copy submissions will not be accepted. The application must be completed and submitted through SlideRoom.

Can I work on my application and return to complete it at a later date?
Yes, creating a login account will enable you to complete the form in several online sessions.

I just submitted my application but I want to return to it and make an edit. Is this possible?

No, once your application is submitted, you will not be able to return to the form or change any submitted information. The application fee must also be paid at the time of submitting your application as you will not be able to log-in again to access the payment page again.

Do I need to include exhibition costs for the Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship exhibition at the Center for Craft within my budget? 
No. Exhibition costs should not be included in your proposed budget. 

I have a question that wasn’t answered. How can I reach the Center for Craft?

If you have any further questions, please contact


Meet the 2020
Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship Grant Recipients

The Center for Craft is pleased to announce the recipients of 2020 Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship.

BA Harrington



The body of artwork developed for Suite Américaine will reference three historical American furniture forms designed and built specifically for use by women. It will expand on my previous investigations of a late seventeenth century dowry chest, by adding two additional forms that follow it chronologically, a mid-eighteenth century Queen Anne style lady’s writing desk, and a late eighteenth century federal lady’s worktable. I hope to interpret the three objects as proto-feminist furniture forms, investigating and celebrating a sense of female agency and empowerment they enabled through their function and use. The resulting work will consist of sculptural pieces addressing the social history of the furniture and the expressive work by female hands that it stored and facilitated, while also considering contemporary issues around women’s rights/human rights, gender identity, marriage and family structure, and boundaries and borders. In addition to exhibiting the artwork, I plan to engage the public through programming that includes presentations on the history of my reference material, performances, and hands-on workshops exploring text, language, and embroidery. This work will constitute a first-hand study and re-experiencing of furniture as historical evidence of American History—including and especially the untold, underrepresented, undocumented everyday stories it has to tell.

Learn more

Cannupa Hanska Luger



A WAY HOME initiates the long-term project of reestablishing a clay practice with my ancestors of the Mandan people, whose ceramic traditions were destroyed by colonization. Research will occur in museum collections, on-site in North Dakota, with community, and especially with the clay itself. As a Native contemporary artist and craftsperson of North America, I am motivated to reclaim a more accurate and globally relevant version of 21st century Indigenous culture. Through site-based research and materials testing, I hope to understand the limitations and possibilities of creating with our land. With support from the Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowship, I will spend extended periods of time on my ancestral land in North Dakota, where I will hand-dig clay bodies from the earth and test their material nature. A WAY HOME will provide time, space, and experiences with Indigenous people of my heritage to reacquaint ourselves with clay while learning about our lost and stolen clay traditions.

Learn more

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