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"Interactive Wall Hanging" Photo courtesy of artist.

Christina Glover

Windgate-Lamar Fellowship


"The $15,000 Windgate Fellowship Award would allow me to push my work by gaining more knowledge on the technology side of wearable tech that I can combine with craft by weaving professional quality textiles with advanced sensing capabilities. My proposal for this Fellowship is twofold: first, to develop a series of “smart” textiles informed by traditional craft processes and enhanced by advanced materials such as conductive fibers, and second, to create assistive apparel for individuals living with a disability that utilizes these textiles. I will use the award to attend workshops in both the textile and technology fields, as understanding both areas will lead to more informed design. As I will no longer have access to the equipment at my university, the fellowship will also allow me to purchase a traditional multi-harness floor loom so I can be fully involved in the weaving process."


Savannah, GA




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