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Kylie Peppler & Jiangmei Wu

Materials–Based Research Grant


Fabric Origami: New Materials for Computer Sciences and Mechanical Engineeringare, explores new pneumatic actuation design for soft robotic applications driven by fabric origami craft, intends to develop a computational tool to simulate the sewing, folding, and unfolding of the fabric during the fabric origami craft process, and introduces innovative material practices and computational tools to fabric origami craft practice in studio-based educational settings.

An artist by training, Dr. Peppler is an Associate Professor of Learning Sciences and engages in research that focuses on the intersection of arts, computational technologies and interest-driven learning. / Jiangmei Wu uses mathematics, science, and engineering in creating art and design. Recently, she has been investigating relationships between geometry, surface texture, and computational algorithms, and using these to explore techniques for the art and science of paper folding. Assistant Professor, Indiana University, School of Art, Architecture + Design




University of Indiana


Fabric Origami: New Materials for Computer Sciences and Mechanical Engineering

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