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Triple Canopy, preparatory photographs for Can I Leave You?, an installation to be presented at “Raid the Icebox Now,” RISD Museum, 2019.

Triple Canopy

Craft Research Fund—Exhibition Grant


Can I Leave You?

How do artworks and decor—as well as fictions and fashions—give rise to nations and nationalities? What do they tell viewers about how to look and act, what and whom to value? How has the United States been shaped through the consumption and display of such goods, as well as the subjugation of the people whose labor or likenesses mark them? These questions guided Triple Canopy’s research for Can I LeaveYou?, an installation at the RISD Museum in Providence, Rhode Island. Grounded in object studies, research trips, and the extensive scholarship on American craft and history, Triple Canopy’s installation asserts the key role early American decorative arts played—and continue to play—in the formation of a common national history and identity. The research conducted in preparation for this exhibition also served to inform the development of Triple Canopy’s forthcoming twenty-seventh issue, which is devotedto dissecting and rewriting the fictions, myths, and symbols that provide peoples a coherent set of national values and a feeling of national belonging.

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