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Grant Recipient

Sidnee Tyree

Windgate-Lamar Fellowship


Statement: While many view art as a means pleasure, I view my art as a tool for generating growth and mindfulness. Orchestrated in metal and harmonized into a solid form, my weaves symbolize the continuous circulation of highs and lows and communicate their direct correlation with spiritual enlightenment and understanding the flow. Fellowship Plans: I will use this award to further my knowledge and technical experience with handcrafted techniques related to metal and wire. Alloying my own metal and drawing out my own wire through self-made ingots, as well as ornamental hand engraving, which heavily influences the designs of my wirework. I plan to attend a workshop at Penland School of Craft on alloys and ingots and New Approach School for Jewelers. Additionally, I plan to attend a workshop with Mary Lee Hu and visit her studio in Seattle.

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Stevensville, MI


Kendall College of Art and Design


Jewelry / Metalsmithing


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