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Bag of red clay suspended mid-frame in the air against a blue sky over snow-capped mountains.

Clay at Pescado Trail_Joana, Description: While isolated during COVID-19, Joana Cardozo, an emerging artist and participant, took her clay on a hike as though it was a client that she was photographing.

Hannah Rubin

Craft Futures Fund


In Touch: Hand Building Queer Community During COVID-19

This project creates a clay education network of queer community members, in order to break the isolation of COVID-19 by building kinship with and through clay experimentation. Scaling a project framework I developed this Spring, I have pivoted to working with queer artists to develop dynamic lessons to directly engage queer folks with raw clay craft in their homes. With your support, this project will reach 90 queer individuals in the Los Angeles area with free clay kits, unique monthly lessons, and a monthly digital Clay Club happy hour.

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