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Brown Hand chain stitch the words Crafting Community into a plain muslin fabric with pink thread. Orange handled scissors lie on the table nearby.

Courtesy of Omolara Willians McCallister and Maya Valladares

Omolara Williams McCallister and Maya Valladares

Craft Futures Fund


Crafting Community in COVID : A How-to Video Series of BIPOC Teaching Basic Craft Skills

A series of closed-captioned videos that feature BIPOC craftspeople teaching the basic skills of their processes accomplishes three things: 1 Supports teaching craft in COVID. 2 Presents BIPOC craftspeople as the experts we are, imparting skills. This counters the normative depiction of BIPOC in crafts communities which generally present us through an anthropological lens as objects or study. 3 Subverts the narrative of white culture as dominant in the field of sewing and textiles, which is the sense a student gets when searching “how to…” fields on mainstream video channels.

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