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Grant Recipient

Carl Johnson

Windgate-Lamar Fellowship


I create art to escape the endless commotion that goes on in my head. My thoughts tend to be abstract and in translation, so is my art. I strive to capture a moment in time, to isolate a single thought, and to recreate it visually through weaving. A piece of fabric tends to follow the laws of gravity with its drape, but I add wire, both rigid and flexible, so it can defy those laws. Using wire enables me to freeze the fabric in place and capture that moment. Since beginning to use wire in my work I have eliminated most color. This allows me to focus primarily on the relationship between the fabric and wire and the effect this combination of materials has on form and structure. The weaving process has the right amount of structure for me as an artist, as there is always a constant, but also plenty of freedom to bring my visions to life. I am a process driven creator, always pursuing the enjoyment of creating, and I trust that the end result of a piece will fulfill my vision and will capture that moment.


Washington, DC


Savannah College of Art & Design




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