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Grant Recipient

Ceramic wall sculpture with wavy edges and imagery and abstract shapes on the surface.

Kristy Moreno

Windgate-Lamar Fellowship


My current body of work examines the systems and bonds set in place between social injustices and my narratives. These narratives intersect to embody forms of relativity, healing, and resilience. By producing these physically paused moments, I introduce a space for reflection that investigates the journey of my point of view, individual habits, and character. My sculptures and prints are my thoughts made physical from studying the human condition and tangible reactions to the oppressive conditions rooted in white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy. Thinking about the ongoing I.C.E. raids, concentration camps, and prisons that directly affect Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, I began to challenge the notion of the “other” by combining personal photographs, screen printed elements, and lyrics onto ceramics to tell a story that viewers could relate to. In overcrowding these physical spaces with overlapping details, I acknowledge the clutter that inevitably distracts us from practicing empathy and acknowledging our humanity.



California State University, Chico




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