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Composed of several parts, this collar is form-fit to the body’s natural topographies

Sean Eren

Windgate-Lamar Fellowship


My work stems from my strong interest in sensory experiences and object agency. I’m interested in how formal craft and traditional techniques in metal and wood can be used to explore the intersections between wearable jewelry, devices, tools, and instruments. In addition to my devotion to craft, I have a strong interest in sound synthesis and sonic exploration which has led me to investigate the close relationship between luthiers and jewelers, and how this historical proximity can be sustained to lead to interesting, innovative takes on jewelry and other interactive mediums. I investigate tactility, functionality, and intimate sensory interaction through complex, component-based wearable objects. In combination with traditional metalsmithing and woodworking techniques, my work includes industrial materials and processes that allow me to craft around the body with precision. Objects and their component parts are constructed or carved to rest on the body naturally. My work also embraces movement and sound, allowing my jewelry to occupy multi-sensory space and encouraging the wearer to acknowledge the object being worn as another body independent from their own. Through a practice involving traditional metalsmithing, woodworking, and a new emphasis on musical instrumentation and sound generation, I want to position the body as an equal component of my work, rather than a site of display.

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Rhode Island School of Design




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