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Liam Glynn

Windgate-Lamar Fellowship


Right from the start lumber is sawn and hewn into square, and straight boards. Every process from the time a tree is felled is an attempt to keep lumber flat and straight. When we receive the wood we further smooth and flatten these planks into regular lengths and thicknesses. Because we focus so much on taming the natural curves of lumber it can be difficult not to fall into the trap of building flat, hard-edged furniture. My work is meant to celebrate and honor the natural resource that is wood. The most successful work I have accomplished is readily useful and made to be accessible to as many people as possible. In designing work that is easily approachable and simple to use I believe it will inherently last longer. This in turn makes the most efficient use of the material, limiting harmful impacts to our earth. Finally, furniture that is built to last can be passed down generations, traded and inherited. These types of pieces; beautiful, durable, and useful, have compounding value. Value for the folks who possess them, and for the delicate natural worlds from where they are sourced.

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Liam Glynn is a furniture maker primarily working with wood to make furniture and other products that are meant to be used and cherished. He grew up in Upstate New York spending most of his free time exploring the outdoors or tinkering in workshops. Liam attended Buffalo State University where he received a BFA with a concentration in wood and furniture. His work aims to honor the living and essential natural resource that is wood. He continues to tinker, incorporating technology and blending centuries-old traditions into his craft to make products that will be valued for generations to come.


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