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Elizabeth Ivey

Craft and Community Vitality Grants

Sister Soul Sessions Socio Emotional Creative Expression Art Groups

Sister Soul Sessions collaborates with a diverse and vibrant community of individuals, organizations, and stakeholders committed to empowering and supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) young girls and women. Through the program's emphasis on creative expression, participants have the opportunity to explore and refine their craft in various artistic mediums such as visual arts, music, writing, and more. Sister Soul Sessions provides guidance, mentorship, and a nurturing environment for participants to develop and showcase their craft, empowering them to find their unique artistic voice and express themselves authentically.

Bio of the Artist

Organization Background

Elizabeth Ivey, MSW, is the owner of Sister Soul Sessions, LLC, a mental health and wellness organization based in her hometown Asheville, NC. Elizabeth is a mixed media artist and a mental health creative expression professional who is dedicated to supporting BIPOC adolescents and women.

Sister Soul Sessions aims to develop self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence, artistic expansion, and cultural expression. Elizabeth also integrates creative expression to support young artists and showcasing their craft. 

Elizabeth's background in social work provides her with a solid foundation in addressing the mental health needs of her clients. She combines her expertise in mental health with her passion for art to create a unique and holistic approach to therapy and self-development.

As a self-taught artist, Elizabeth appreciates exploring various artistic mediums as part of the socio-emotional creative process. This allows her to offer a diverse range of creative activities and techniques to her clients and providing nurturing environments to express themselves authentically.

Currently residing and working in Asheville, NC. Elizabeth is immersed in a community known for its vibrant arts scene and focus on holistic well-being. She actively engages in her surroundings to connect with local resources and like-minded professionals to further enhance the support she provides through Sister Soul Sessions.

Elizabeth Ivey, MSW, brings together her skills as a mental health professional and her passion for mixed media art to create a safe and empowering space for BIPOC individuals to explore their creativity, improve their mental well-being, and develop a stronger sense of self.


Asheville, NC




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