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Photo credit: Jakeli Swimmer

Jakeli Swimmer

Craft and Community Vitality Grants

Hik’ta’hask? (Don’t you know)

Swimmer will create visual aids using risographs and zines to translate Cherokee language signs. Instead of visual aids being only utilized in classroom environments and educational settings, Swimmer will be creating booklets and posters which will be displayed and accessible wherever the tribal community gathers. By deconstructing the normative that learning is only done in schools or institutions, tribal members may once again realize that learning and appreciating the language can happen anywhere.

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Jakeli Swimmer is an Eastern Band Cherokee, EBCI, graphic designer and cartoonist. He is the creator of the satirical observational and humorous cartoon series called “Around the Boundary”.

Swimmer’s cartoons derive from personal & everyday life as well as observations and conversations within and throughout the Native community. Swimmer believes his artistic approach through cartoons allow for the inclusion of feelings, interpretations, and expressions that in turn bring needed dialogue, critical thought, acknowledgement or understanding and at times, most importantly, laughter. 

Swimmer currently resides with his family in Cherokee, NC on the Qualla Boundary, the primary landholdings of the EBCI.


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