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Natalia Sanchez

Windgate-Lamar Fellowship


Artist Statement

Understanding that artisan communities in Mexico dwell from the heritage that has passed down their skillful craft for centuries, their mindful way of life has inspired my creative practices and works that stem from the intentional process of creating handcrafted textiles. Emerging during an age where uncertainty and evolution is inevitable, I believe we must learn to embrace the innovative ideas of the modern world, yet honor, and remain in touch with the wonders of ancient craft that encompass the circularity of life.

My work seeks to honor the traditional practices that tell the stories of humanity's keen relationship with the natural world. I remain highly curious on how they can enlighten our approach towards sustainable practices, therefore, exploring these concepts through the interweaving of materials, structures, and color. My pursuit lies in my earnest initiatives to preserve handcraft and design pieces serving to cultivate wellbeing, build connection, and inspire awareness.

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Natalia is a Mexican-American fiber artist exploring the innovative realms of design and its influence in the world. Specializing in sustainable textiles, and innovative design her values are positioned in her social, economic, and environmental impact as an artist in her community. Earning a BFA in Fibers from Savannah College of Art and Design in May of 2024, SCAD has supported the development of her creativity and professional skills in textiles, sustainable design, and research and development while nurturing her dedication to community and craft.


Savannah, GA





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