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Noemi Nieves-Hoblin

Windgate-Lamar Fellowship


Artist Statement

My artistic practice is a continuous exploration of layered objects and sculptures, centered on the themes of biracial identity and Puerto Rican culture. Integrating traditional Vejigante mask- making techniques with diverse glass processes, I craft dynamic sculptures that delve into both personal and ancestral narratives. Employing time-honored methods such as using reclaimed paper and creating my own flour- based adhesive, I intentionally connect with a centuries-old craft symbolizing cultural identity and carrying the weight of historical colonization. The juxtaposition of glass and other elements introduces a contemporary dimension, elevating traditional designs and bringing them into a modern context. Glass, with its enduring nature, becomes more than a medium, it serves as a tangible vessel for preserving memories, ancestral narratives, and traditions passed down orally through generations. Through the materiality of glass, I convey the nuanced tension and suspension inherent in biracial identity, symbolizing the liminal space occupied by those of mixed heritage. This material dialogue emphasizes the complex emotions associated with existing on both sides of a boundary or threshold, reflecting the intricate layers of identity. Ultimately, my work pays homage to the resilience of ancestral narratives, seeking connection amidst themes of belonging, rejection, colonization, and racism.

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Noemi Nieves-Hoblin is a Philadelphia based artist, graduating from Tyler School of Art and Architecture in 2024 with a BFA in glass. Her work utilizes glass as a canvas for narrative sculpture, inspired by personal mythopoetic stories that are passed down orally. She uses glassblowing, flameworking, and stained-glass processes to create work that references the natural world and familial histories.


Doylestown, PA





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