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Cyanotype on silk organza, muslin, silk habotai, and paper with a mixture of blue patterns and photos

Hùng Lê

Windgate-Lamar Fellowship


My work investigates the Vietnam War and my experience as a Vietnamese immigrant, in particular the societal expectations of living as an Asian-American. I pull inspiration from my memories, those of my family, and history, specifically analyzing themes such as immigration, the American Dream, and the military. Utilizing fabric,photographs, and found objects in combination with laser engraving and woodworking, I create installations and wall hangings as a way to digest new information while also highlighting hidden narratives. Within my works, I am interested in how personal memory is retained within objects and photographs compared to how collective or national memory is created through education, archives, and propaganda. My work requires that I constantly examine my position within American society, while also questioning who gets to be the keeper of history and who is left behind and forgotten.

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Kansas City, MO


Kansas City Art Institute




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