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Parul Naresh

Teaching Artist Cohort


Parul Naresh is a designer of slow textiles and a visual artist. As a natural dyer and printmaker, she produces process-based and research-based multistep fiber-works on handloom textiles (woven by artisans). Rooted in Indian culture of ayurveda, yoga and handicraft, with meditative approach to art-making her practice focuses on mindful use of material and processes. Materials being narratives of colonialism, works are intimately linked to country’s history and dedicated to conservation, revival of traditions, care and healing. As a sustainable textile practitioner, she considers it her responsibility to be aware how her work interacts, relate to and impact environment it exists in! Mindful of the fact that for maintaining a healthy ecosystem, each of Soil-Seed-Plant-Fiber or Farmer-Dyer-Weaver-Consumer chain has to plays an equal role; for almost two decades, Parul has worked from ground up to revive traditional methods through art and community work.

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